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Get all the possible tools for your CBR exam prep with this English Car Theory Book 2024 Complete Package!

Learn, test your knowledge and practice step by step (read more about each of the tools below):

  1. Study driving theory in the Netherlands with the help of the English Car Theory book 2024.
  2. Use the English Summary of the Theory Book to repeat what you have learned.
  3. Test how much you’ve learned with 50(!) online  training exams in English, equivalent to CBR exams.
  4. Then look up all the local traffic signs in the Traffic Signs Book or the Traffic Signs App.
  5. What documents to bring to the test? Where to apply for the test? Do I need a health check? Go through a step by step guide on the CBR’s “How to Pass Your CBR Theory and Practical Exam” brochure.
  6. Finally, practice priority situations on the Priorities app, which will also help you prepare for the practice exam.

This package includes:


The Car Theory Book 2024 is the best theory book on the market. Not only all the descriptions are very clear, the book is filled with images to support and clarify the text. This theory book strictly sticks to the information required for the exam and is supported with self-assessment to immediately practice the questions for each chapter as you are learning.


Have you finished studying the Car Theory Book 2024? Then repeat what you’ve learned in a summary and go through the most important lesson material again.


This bundle gives you access to 50 unique CBR-equivalent exams! It is not without a reason that this learning platform is the most popular among driving schools. No other provider offers as many theory exams as you get in this package! These 50 mock exams contain many of the same questions you may come across at your CBR exam. You will receive unlimited 20-hour access in total. Be sure, 20 hours of tests – more than enough for a strong preparation for the exam.


The traffic signs app helps you to easily find and study all the local traffic signs. The Theory Book 2024 has all the traffic signs, required to know in the exam and are translated into English. All signs you don’t need to know for the CBR exam are available in Dutch in this app. This traffic signs app helps you to easily find and study all the local traffic signs, displayed clearly per category.


You will also receive the priority app. With this app, you can put your learning to practice and rehearse real situations to practice the priority rules. This often comes as a blocker for many students. So keep rehearsing with the app!


Now you know the theory, but how does the exam actually work? What else do you need to think about, besides the content? Which documents to bring? Where to book the exam? In this Driving license B – CBR exam brochure you will get step-by-step practical guidance to prepare for your exam day itself. 


Did you know that you can already know a lot from the shape of the traffic sign? This handy overview contains all road signs in the Netherlands. Which sometimes can be confusing, as there are some very similar road signs. By seeing them side by side with explanations, you can learn and memorise the differences and the similarities.

Please note: This book provides descriptions of the signs in Dutch. All necessary signs you need to know for your exam are included in the Theory Book (manual) and are translated into English.  You do not have to learn the signs in the book ‘Verkeersborden’ for the exam. This book is included only as extra help if you want to look up a sign. For example, while having driving lessons.

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    Easy to understand

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    Heel leuk

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