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Don’t like to study from a book? No problem, we have you covered! Study, practice situations, learn the road signs and test what you have learned with 50(!) online exams, equivalent to CBR exams.

Step-by-step guide on how to use this package:

  1. Use the Summary of the Theory Book to study the most important chapters.
  2. Easily look up, compare and learn all the local traffic signs in the traffic signs app.
  3. Practice priority situations on the priority app, which will also help you prepare for the practice exam.
  4. Test how much you’ve learned with 50(!) online training exams, equivalent to CBR exams.

This package includes:


The Theory Summary is a great tool to have in your learning kit. It covers all the important topics you need to study for the exam. This not only prepares you for the theory exam, but it is also compact and you can take it anywhere.


After you cover the core with the Summary, try your knowledge with questions from up to 50 CBR-equivalent theory exams. These exams contain many of the same or similar questions you will receive at your CBR exam. With the help of these practice exams, you will quickly get exactly what to expect from the theory exam.

In total, you receive 20 hours of access to up to 50 exams. For each question you answer incorrectly, you will receive an explanation. You will also receive learning advice at the end of each exam, helping you focus on the subjects that still need some extra attention.


In the exams and throughout your driving experience you will come across various traffic signs. There are a lot of traffic signs from speed limit indicators, to warnings. Remembering all of them is a challenge for many students. The traffic Sign app is the best tool to help you with learning all of them! In the app you will find all road signs, that are displayed clearly per category, you can easily practice and memorise them. The app is currently only available in Dutch, but it is still easy to learn.


Practice priority rules and rehearse real situations, based on the CBR theory exam with this priority app. In the app, you will find intersections and will have to decide which road users are allowed to continue. The more you practice the better you get, the safer driver you become!


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50 Online exams + Practise test, Summary (Theory in short), Mobile Apps, Guide: Passing your CBR exam


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